Coach of the Year Entry

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RULES: The Coach of the Year program recognizes the achievements of high school head coaches in the local athletic leagues within the Buckeye Broadband Toledo service area. High Schools can nominate their coaches by writing an essay (200 words or less) on why their head coach deserves to be named “Coach of the Year.” Nomination forms can be obtained through BCSN’s website ( or any Yark Automotive or Ralphie’s Sports Eateries locations beginning August 28, 2017 through April 8, 2018. If a coach from a high school is not chosen as a seasonal or yearly winner, the coach can be nominated in the subsequent seasons or years. Coaches cannot be an employee or sub-contractor of Buckeye Broadband.

Nomination forms will be collected for each season during the following dates (subject to change): Fall – August 28, 2017 to October 29, 2017, Winter – November 20, 2017 to January 28, 2018 and Spring – March 5, 2018 to April 8, 2018 (Dates subject to change). At the end of each season, five nominees will be chosen as finalists at BCSN’s discretion. The five finalists will be placed in a voting poll on BCSN’s website ( Viewers will vote on the finalists, and the finalist earning the most votes will be named the “Coach of the Season” winner. A “Coach of the Season” winner will be chosen for the fall, winter, and spring. In May, the three “Coach of the Season” winners will be placed in a poll to determine the “Coach of the Year.” The “Coach of the Year” winner will be announced at a banquet in May and receive a $1,000 cash award donated by Buckeye Broadband. The school’s athletic department of the “Coach of the Year” winner will receive a $2,000 cash award donated by Yark Automotive, UA Local 50 and Ralphie’s Sports Eateries. Each seasonal winner and the yearly winner will be announced through a promotional commercial produced by Buckeye Broadband. The winner will be contacted by Buckeye Broadband for telephone and/or camera interviews.

See for addresses, deadlines, and list of schools eligible to participate. Program rules can be adjusted at anytime at the discretion of Buckeye Broadband.